Faceguard By Mueller®

678 Rehabilitation

Maschera Viso Protettiva FaceGuard by Mueller® It protects the nose and the face from injuries during sports activities. Ideal in basketball, wrestling, karate, baseball, volleyball and other sports in which the face protection mask is not mandatory. Occipital strap: safe shape, great comfort, excellent fitting. Medical quality polycarbonate, crack and break resistant, perfect visibility, excellent fitting. Optimal impact energy dispersion. …

Postoperative Posterior Splint

668 - 669 Rehabilitation

Postoperative Posterior Splint Rigid outline which follows the shape of the leg. Used to immobilize the leg after surgery or traumas. It helps the firs rehabilitation movements in a correct way. 100% cotton, washable, blue colour lining, spare part sold separately (SKU 669) Sizes and Available Colours Length [cm] Width [cm]* Depth [cm]* Colours 73 53 35 Depending on stock …

Rigid Cervical Collar

F0810 Rehabilitation

Rigid Cervical Collar Recommended for people suffering from cervical osteoarthritis. PVC coated with soft, non-toxic material and leather. Adjustable in height and circumference with hook and loop straps. Sizes and Available Colours SKU Length [cm] Height [cm] Size Colours F0810P 30 / 38 9 S White F0810M 37 / 43 10 M White F0810G 43 / 50 12 L White …

Soft Cervical Collar

F0809 Rehabilitation

Soft Cervical Collar Recommended for people suffering from cervical osteoarthritis. Flexible foam covered in tubular bandage. Hook and loop fastening. Sizes and Available Colours SKU Length [cm] Height [cm] Size Colours F0809P 43 8 S White F0809M 46 8 M White F0809G 49 10 L White F0809XG 51 10 XL White Packaging Box

Super Ice & Hot

F0902 Rehabilitation

Super Ice & Hot Reusable pack for heat and cold treatment. In non woven bag. Size Length [cm] Height [cm] 27 12 Packaging Non woven bag