Piaghe da decubito. Cosa sono, come prevenirle e come curarle.

Piaghe da Decubito, Lesioni da Compressione o Ulcere

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Che cosa sono le piaghe da decubito? Le piaghe da decubito, conosciute anche come lesioni da pressione o ulcere da decubito, sono lesioni che interessano la pelle e i tessuti sottostanti, fino a raggiungere, nei casi più gravi, la muscolatura e le ossa. Le piaghe da decubito costituiscono un problema comune per chi è costretto a lunghe permanenze a letto, …

Better Life Sitzkissen, atmungsaktive und antiseptische

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Better Life ist die neue Linie atmungsaktiver, antiseptischer und anatomischer Sitzkissen, die von AlboLand vorgeschlagen wird. Die neuen Better Life-Sitzkissen drücken die beste Leistung in ihrer Branche aus. Sie sind in der Lage, sowohl mit täglichen als auch mit extremen Situationen hervorragend umzugehen: Sie garantieren Komfort, Produktsicherheit und Respekt vor der Umwelt. Better Life Sitzkissen Verwenden Better Life seat cushions …

I trattamenti Hydrocool® e Silverplus® dei tessuti

Hydrocool® and SilverPlus® fabric finishes

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Many of AlboLand items are covered with fabrics.In the health sector, not only the inner parts, but also the lining covers must meet certain characteristics. The fabric must meet the following requirements: quality duration fit for purpose ease of use hygiene safety We have introduced in the 2020 production the Hydrocool® and SilverPlus® finishes for the BetterLife cushions, the new …

Mal di schiena lombare. Come prevenire e curare il mal di schiena quando siamo in ufficio.

Lower back pain. How to prevent and treat back pain when we are at the office.

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Back pain, a series of pains and discomforts, even chronic and more or less intense, that can be felt in the lumbar area, the lower part of the back. … it is estimated that millions suffer from it. A disorder that mainly affects women. The Causes of Lower Back Pain The causes of back pain are different: lack of exercise, …